Coming Soon: Discover the Majesty by Renee Faul

This enchanting story is about a little girl who grew up on the rocky shores of the Indian Ocean in South-Africa.  She loved the ocean and she adored her daddy.  He was the kind of daddy in whom a child could delight…….sitting on his lap reading African myths together……whispering together in the middle of the night during scary lightning storms…..doing horse-back rides together.  But their favorite times were spent at the ocean…, swimming and talking.  He was everything a child could want in a daddy.

But then he died!!

The true story continues to unfold as we follow her into her adulthood years.  Although she was happily married, the little abandoned girl inside had never grown up.  Nightmares of fierce threatening waves plagued her.  Feeling abandoned and betrayed by her daddy, she tried to be normal, but the indelible memories haunted her day and night.

Twenty years later, the broken little girl felt an urge to go look for her daddy’s ocean…..only this time it would be the rocky shores of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  As the magical beauty of Cape Breton pierced her heart, she found freedom from her pain.  Amidst fireflies and majestic sunsets, she found her ocean again……and her daddy.  But it was her new Daddy, her Heavenly Father, which would teach her to give up her pain of abandonment, to live in His Abundance and Light.  She was saved by His Life……and finally became free.

More than a true story, this book serves to strengthen everyone’s faith.  It takes the reader from a life of abandonment and despair to a winning life where Jesus Christ Himself becomes our Hope and Belongingness.  It steers us away from the motions of a dead religion to an authentic relationship with Christ, where the very heart of each individual counts.  The reader experiences, every detail of his heart matters to God…..the longings……the fears…….the beliefs……and he yearns to embrace his own intimate relationship with God.


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